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    Aarts Maestro is a platform to discover, showcase and reward talent through competitions, contests, awards, scholarships, grants, auditions, fellowships etc. Aarts Maestro enables talented individuals across the world to connect, compete, showcase their talent, learn from each other and get mentored by a world-class jury.

    Aarts Maestro takes the pain away from organising competitions, contests and award events. We enable corporates, brands, schools, colleges, cultural organisations that focus on arts, dance, music, theatre, acting or cooking, galleries, museums, media houses, residential associations and NGO's / not for profits etc to seamlessly organise competitions, contests, awards and auditions.

    Be it simple single round competitions to complex multi round competitions, Aarts Maestro can handle them all. With Aarts Maestro, organising and administering competitions is now a breeze.

    Authenticating participants, social media voting, multi round complex competitions / auditions with multiple jury panels, showcasing participants output, seamless communication with participants and jury, a multiplexed award system, Aarts Maestro makes all this and more possible.

    Organising a competition? Think Aarts Maestro!
    Aarts Maestro enables you to focus on talent and creators!
    Competitions were never this easy to organise or such fun - thanks to Aarts Maestro!!!