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    Host your Competitions today!

    Whether you're a corporate entity, media company, TV channel, FM station, or educational institution, we offer tailored solutions for consumer engagement, talent auditions, and student motivation through contests and competitions.

    Our cost-effective strategies boost brand visibility, discover new talent, and foster a competitive learning environment, ensuring success in your respective fields.

    "Aarts Maestro is a platform to host competitions, contests, exhibitions, auditions, & awards."

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    Why Host on Aarts Maestro?

    Efficient Infrastructure
    • Versatile platform accommodating single or multi-round events
    • Seamless administration with secure payments and online voting
    Quality Assurance
    • Secure, scalable, DIY, Fully automated Organiser App
    • Efficiency | Speed | Scale | End to End Automated
    • Tamper proof fully automated fair Jury App
    • Expert jury ensuring fair evaluations and fabulous prizes
    Scalability & Flexibility
    • Ability to scale up or down based on specific requirements
    • Scales from Single to multi round
    • Hyper Local to Global
    • Hosting multiple events simultaneously
    Enhanced Reach & Engagement
    • Enhanced reach, engagement, virality and impact
    • Through social sharing and social voting
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    Creative Solutions for every Business type

    Hosting a competition, contest or challenge is not easy. The list to tick off is unending. But we have your back - whatever your need, we have a solution for you. Explore how we can help your organisation to engage seamlessly!


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